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Bride Groom Video: The bride got furious as soon as she put the jaimala, the groom showered slaps on the bridegroom – watch video

Bride Groom Video: In this wedding video, it can be seen that the bride starts slapping the groom fiercely on the stage itself. On this act, all the guests just kept looking at him.

Bride Groom Video: We get to see one to one video related to the bride and groom through social media. In these videos, we get to see their different styles. Sometimes both become romantic and sometimes they win the heart of the guest with their funny style. But now the video which has surfaced on social media is different from all these. Seeing this, no one can ever imagine that anything like this could happen. In the video, the bride is seen slapping her groom fiercely on the stage itself. This video is being told from Hamirpur.

The bride flared up on the stage itself

In this video that is becoming fiercely viral on social media, it can be seen that the stage has been decorated for Jaimala Ceremony at a wedding. All the guests including the bride and groom have also come in the hall. As soon as the groom proceeds to garland his future bride, the bride becomes furious and starts slapping the bridegroom in the crowded gathering. All the guests including the groom are stunned on this act of the bride. For a moment everyone wonders what happened all of a sudden.

Bride made to walk by slapping

During Jaimala, the bride kept walking from there by slapping the groom. This video has been posted by the Twitter handle named @Benarasiyaa. It is being told that this case is from Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh. It is not yet revealed why the bride embarrassed the groom in front of everyone by slapping her. On the whole incident, the groom says that the bride did not like the groom. The video has got thousands of views so far.



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