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Bride was furious at this act of the groom in the pavilion, started beating in front of everyone – Watch Video

Bride Groom Viral Video: The bride started beating the groom in the wedding pavilion itself. The reason was very minor. Actually, the groom touched the bride’s cheek with love, only then she erupted. You too will not be able to stop laughing after watching this funny video.

Bride Groom Fight Video: Many videos of weddings are dominating the internet. Sometimes the bride and groom dance, sometimes the bride and groom’s fun.. But have you ever seen the bride fighting with the groom in the pavilion itself? That too only on the fact that why did the groom touch her cheek with love. One such video has surfaced on social media.

The bride got angry at the slightest thing

Many funny videos of bride and groom keep going viral on social media. But seeing the video that is going viral this time, every groom will definitely start feeling afraid of his bride in the wedding pavilion. He will definitely think once before touching his bride’s cheek with love. You watch this video, the whole thing will be understood by itself.

The groom had to be a victim of anger

Seeing the video, you must have understood that how much the bride got angry on this act of the groom in front of everyone. You can see how the groom tried to put his hand on the bride’s cheek that she turned red with anger. A fight started between the two. All the fun of the groom was lost and he had to become a victim of the bride’s anger.

For a moment, the guests present there were shocked, people kept seeing what had happened. Why was the bride so angry? All the guests present there could not control their laughter after seeing all this. People started laughing loudly.

This funny video has been uploaded on Instagram account named official_viralclips. Seeing this video, it can be understood that this is a clip of Nepali wedding.

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