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Brother Randhir and sister Reema want rights on Rajiv Kapoor’s property, High Court said, present the divorce papers

Bollywood actor Rajiv Kapoor went away on February 9 this year, saying goodbye to the world. Now his brother Randhir kapoor and sister Rima Jain want their property.

The mountain of sorrows has broken over the Kapoor family in the last few months. Last year, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor walked away saying goodbye to this world and recently his brother Rajiv Kapoor (Randhir kapoor) has also passed away on 9 February. After the demise of Rishi and Rajiv, his brother Randhir Kapoor (Randhir kapoor) is yet to come out of this shock. Randhir Kapoor and his Rima Jain of this generation of Kapoor family are alive. Both have filed a petition in the High Court for their rights on Rajiv Kapoor’s property. Which has been heard in the High Court.

Not many people know about Rajiv Kapoor’s personal life. The two separated due to differences with his wife. The two have never been seen together at the public place. Advocates of Randhir Kapoor and Reema Jain have said that both of them are entitled to the property of Rajiv Kapoor. At which hearing, the High Court has asked both of them to bring evidence of Rajiv Kapoor’s divorce.

Justice Gautam Patel heard the petition filed by Randhir and Reema. Rajiv Kapoor was married to Aarti Sabarwal in the year 2001 and both of them got divorced in 2003. In the hearing, the counsel for Randhir and Reema has said that they do not have the divorce papers of Rajiv and Aarti and they do not know which family court had issued the divorce order.

Advocates of Randhir Kapoor and Reema Jain said – Only brother and sister are entitled to Rajiv Kapoor’s property. We do not have their divorce papers. We are trying to find it but we have not found it. They should be exempted from presenting divorce papers. Justice Gautam has said that the court is ready to give exemption for not presenting the papers of the order of divorce, but the acceptance letter should be given first. The hearing in this case has now been postponed.

Who is Aarti Sabarwal

Aarti Sabarwal is an architect. Rajiv’s father Raj Kapoor was not in favor of this marriage. Despite this, both of them got married. But this marriage did not last long and both of them got divorced after two years. Aarti currently lives in Canada.


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