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BSNL Great Offer! Free 5GB data for 30 days, know how to get it

BSNL Free Data: BSNL is giving 5GB data to the customers for free. The validity of this data will be for 30 days. However, this offer is not available for all users. For this you have to fulfill some condition of the company.

BSNL 5G Data Free: Government telecom company BSNL (BSNL) has started a great offer for its customers. Under the offer, 5 GB internet data will be given free to the customers. The benefit of BSNL’s free data will be available only to those users who will switch to BSNL leaving any other company. Through the offer, the company is trying to increase the number of its users in the country.
What is BSNL’s free data offer?

According to the information, BSNL is running a new campaign named ‘#switchtoBSNL’. Under this, only new users switching to BSNL SIM will be given 5 GB data, which will be valid for 30 days. This means that existing customers, or customers who have taken a new SIM without porting, will not be able to take advantage of this. This offer is valid only till January 15, 2022.

These conditions have to be accepted

For BSNL Free Data, you have to follow some terms and conditions.

  • Users switching to BSNL will have to share the reason for leaving the company on social media.
  • Proof of this has to be sent to the service provider to get the additional data benefit.
  • Customers have to use the hashtag #SwtichtoBSNL in their posts and tag BSNL.
  • It is necessary to do this work on both Twitter and Facebook.
  • Users will have to send a screenshot of their tweet or post by direct message or on WhatsApp (number 9457086024) from their mobile number.



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