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By giving two minutes time, when the people started talking for hours, Rajkumar gave such proof of deep friendship

The Prince of Bollywood, Raj Kumar, was a moody actor who liked Salika. The princes, who did not consider themselves to be anything other than themselves, not only respected someone when they befriended him, but were also very devoted to him. Talking with Rajkumar was not easy for anyone, but the famous journalist Ali Peter John left such an indelible impression on Rajkumar that he was convinced of him. Rajkumar gave only five minutes to talk to Ali Peter, but when the Prince started talking to Ali Peter, he kept on working for hours. Ali Peter John himself told this anecdote once. So let us introduce you to some interesting aspects of this anecdote.

Although there have been many stories with Rajkumar, who is Bollywood’s most different style, but journalist Ali Peter John had told very special things about Rajkumar.

Kulbhushan, a friend of journalist Ali Peter John, was the producer of major films. Ali Rajkumar’s fans were from childhood and worked from borrowing money to stealing to watch his movies. This was his passion for the prince.

Kulbhushan was producing the film ‘God and Gun’ and starred Raj Kumar and Jackie Shroff. During this time, Ali had told Kulbhushan that he would definitely meet the prince.Chandivala was shooting in the studio at night. The prince sat on a simple cot away from the crowd. Ali told that he reached the charpoy to meet the prince. Ali was seen by the prince as if he were some piece of dirt.

Rajkumar asks Ali who are they? How did you dare to come here? Ali felt insulted but started talking to him in English. Ali said that Mr. Rajkumar took him two hours to think about coming to you. Do you know why?

Ali directly told Raj Kumar, “Why are people so afraid of you?” Before Ali says anything else, Rajkumar said sit here, next to me, I give you 5 minutes. We will talk and if you look foolish like most people in this industry, I will pick you up and throw you out.

Ali told that he started talking and the conversation started going on. When Ali saw the clock, it was over an hour. The people of the unit were watching both the Kautuhal subdue from afar. There was talk between Rajkumar and Ali for about two hours.

Rajkumar was so impressed with Ali’s words that he said, “We have become friends from this night and if you want proof, he will call them at 6:30 in the morning.”

Ali told that he had returned home like a soldier who conquers and returns to the country. Ali had told that at six o’clock the next morning his phone rang and there was a voice from Rajkumar. Rajkumar asked Ali how are you my new friend? (All Photos: Social Media)



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