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Charu Asopa cried badly with her little daughter in her arms, because of this tears spilled

Charu Asopa Crying Video: Actress Charu Asopa has once again shared the vlog related to daughter Gianna with fans. In this new vlog, Charu is seen crying while holding her daughter in her lap.

Sushmita Sen Bhabhi Charu Asopa Crying Video: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law and television actress Charu Asopa is very active on her YouTube channel and keeps sharing vlogs related to her personal life. . These days, Charu is busy raising daughter Ziana and is giving full time away from the workfront to her daughter. Now Charu’s new vlog has surfaced.

Charu cries with her daughter in her arms

In this vlog, Charu is seen making her sleeping little daughter Ziana lie on her and pamper her. In the middle of the video, Charu Asopa becomes so emotional about her daughter that tears come from her eyes and she starts crying, describing the experience of becoming a mother as the most beautiful moment in the world. This vlog of Charu (Charu Asopa Vlog) is being well-liked, as well as in the comment section, fans say that they are feeling connected with Charu’s feeling.

Check out Charu’s full vlog here:

Annaprashan video

Earlier, Charu Asopa had also shared the vlog of the daughter’s Annaprashan ritual. Charu and Rajeev covered the entire event in their vlog and shared it with the fans. In the video, Charu also showed a small silver bowl, glass and a spoon, which Giana’s aunt Sushmita Sen had gifted to her dear niece. ‘Bua ki Jaan’ has also been written on the silverware. Apart from this, Charu Asopa also made pooja kheer for her daughter Gianna.

Rajeev-Charu relationship

The pair of Rajiv Sen and Charu Asopa always remains in the headlines. Sometimes this couple remains shadowy about the news of estrangement and sometimes about their sizzling chemistry. Charu keeps sharing glimpses of her real life with fans through Instagram and blog.



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