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Choupal: Crisis of online education

Choupal: Like other areas, the challenges facing educational institutions are not less because of the Corona crisis.

In such a time, online education has emerged as a natural alternative to establish a relationship between teachers and students.

Through the Internet, a virtual classroom is run between students and teachers. But in a country like India, the expansion of online education medium is not so easy, because the majority of the country’s population still lives in villages, where internet access is not easily available. The government had announced that schools and colleges should provide online education for children.

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Since then applications such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meet were taken for online studies. Which was possible in big cities, but it has become a challenge for the school-colleges in the village. In most of the villages, far from internet access, it is not possible to talk on the phone due to the disastrous network. Many children do not have smartphones in their homes. In this case, online classes may not be an alternative to actual classes.

Under the guise of corona

Corona is a global epidemic. But governments in India have started using it as a weapon to keep the public silent and to cover up their failures. Corona is not there to mobilize rally-crowd from village head to assembly elections, but when laborers, students, farmers, government employees, small traders or opposition parties protest against the wrong policies of the government, they are jailed in the name of Corona It is done.

The government recovered billions of rupees in taxes and cess in the name of Corona, but when it came to giving the state governments and the public, the government is giving loans. Such mistreatment of the public was not done even under the cruel British rule. It is not just about movement. Constitutional institutions are also being weakened in the name of Corona. Transparency and accountability are greatest in a democracy. But governments are trying to silence the public by adopting Hitler policy.


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