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Cinema tickets will be cheaper in Kerala, entertainment tax rebate

The Government of Kerala has given good news to the people watching the film in the cinema hall. The government has announced a major relief to the entertainment tax in theaters of the state.

New Delhi: During the Kovid-19 epidemic, cinema halls remained closed for a long time and now once again big movies are ready to hit the box office. Meanwhile, the Kerala government has given good news to the audience. Viewers in Kerala will now have to spend less money to watch the film in the cinema hall. That is because the state government has decided to give entertainment tax exemption.

Kerala government’s decision

In fact, the Kerala government has decided to waive entertainment tax on films from January to March 2021 . Not only this, the government has also decided to cut the fix charge of electricity by 50 percent from March 2020 to March 2021. However, this will not affect your pocket, but will provide relief to the theaters who suffered loss during lockdown.

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Entertainment tax 18 percent

Whenever you buy a ticket to watch a film, an entertainment tax of 18 percent is charged above its original price. There is 9 percent state GST and 9 percent central GST. In this way, you have to pay 236 rupees for a cinema ticket for 200 rupees. However, initially 28 percent entertainment tax was taken, which was later brought into the category of 18 percent.

How much money will the audience save and why

Now if you compare any visitor from Kerala with the visitor from Delhi, then for a 200 rupees ticket in Delhi, the spectator will have to spend Rs 236 while the Kerala visitor will only spend Rs 218. That is because the entertainment tax that the Kerala government has waived is 9 percent of its share. He still has to pay 9 percent of the center’s share.

What is the benefit of cinema hall

This decision of the Kerala government will not directly benefit the cinema hall. Both Darshan of Delhi and Kerala will buy a ticket of 200 rupees, which will go to Cinema Hall, both will pay entertainment tax separately, in which cinema hall has no stake. Yes, it may be that more people can reach the cinema hall than the tickets are cheap.

Relief to the film industry

The decision of the Government of Kerala has given the film industry a chance to be happy. This decision will give relief to the industry and the common people will get a little right, but the ticket will be cheap. If this campaign of the Kerala government benefits the film industry, then there may be pressure on other states and the central government to do the same. Then you and Mossy’s boy will have to pay an equal price for the ticket.

Also know

Prior to July 2017, state governments used to collect entertainment tax. This entire amount was deposited in the state’s fund and the center had no stake in it. At that time there was a huge difference in the prices of cinema tickets in different states. In many states, the state governments used to charge entertainment tax up to 100 per cent above the actual ticket price.




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