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Comedian Abishek Kumar made a funny reel on Samantha Prabhu’s song ‘O Antava’, the actress reacted

Samantha Prabhu’s song O Antawa is making a lot of buzz on social media. Everyone is making a reel on this song following the trend. Meanwhile, comedian Abhishek Kumar has also made a reel of the song O Atanwa, which Samantha Prabhu has liked a lot along with the fans.

Along with Pushpa’s film, the audience is also giving a lot of love to its songs. Be it Srivalli or actress Samantha Prabhu’s item song O Antava, both songs are dominated on social media. Reels are constantly being made on the songs of this film which are trending on Insta. Meanwhile, Samantha has also shared a reel of her fan.

Abhishek Kumar made a reel on O Antawa

In the shared video, comedian Abhishek has told how much the ghost of this song is riding on people. In the video, comedian Nirmal Pillai tells Abhishek to stop singing O Antava, because like everyone else, this song is on his tongue. But, the song is sitting in his mind in such a way that later he himself starts singing this song while taking a bath.

A post shared by Abishek Kumar (@theabishekkumar)

Fans said relatable

Immediately after watching the video, comments started coming from the fans. One user commented, so relatable. While sharing the video, Abhishek has also written that I need help: I ​​have to remove O Antawa Song from my mind. This reel of Abhishek has also been re-posted by Samantha on her Insta story. Seeing this, Abhishek’s happiness knows no bounds. He immediately expressed happiness by posting his story shared by Samantha on his Instagram.

O Antava trended on YouTube along with Instagram

Samantha Prabhu has entered the world of item songs through this song. This song also came on YouTube at number one in the list of Top Trending Songs of 2021. Along with this, the film Pushpa has also been at number one by earning huge at the box office. In this, everyone has become crazy about Allu Arjun’s acting. Not only in South, the Hindi version of this film has also won the hearts of the audience.



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