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DA Hike 2024: Employees will get good news in March! Increase in dearness allowance possible again, new pay commission will be implemented?, government gave this answer

At present the employees are getting dearness allowance at the rate of 46 percent. If there is an increase of 4 percent in dearness allowance again in January 2024, then it will increase from 46 percent to 50 percent and due to its implementation from January, arrears till March will also be available.

Central Employee DA Hike 2024: Before the Lok Sabha elections, there is good news for more than 1 crore central employee pensioners. After the half yearly data of AICPI index released by the Labor Department, DA of central employees is expected to be increased by 4% once again in March. There is a possibility that in view of the code of conduct, it can be announced any time before Holi, although at present there is no idea about the formation of 8th Pay Commission when DA reaches 50%. Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary himself has given this information in response to a written question in the Rajya Sabha.

DA expected to increase by 4 percent in March, will you get 50 percent DA benefit?

Actually, the Central Government revises the DA/DR rates of employee pensioners twice a year in January and July, which depends on the half yearly data released by the Labor Ministry. After the AICPI index data from July to December 2023 has crossed 138 and the DA score has reached 50.28%, there are speculations that there is going to be a 4% increase in DA, after which it will increase from 46 to 50. % Will be done.

The new DA 2024 will be applicable from January to June 2024, in such a situation, arrears of 3 months from January to March will also be available. There is a possibility that new rates can be announced before the dates of Lok Sabha elections and the code of conduct coming into effect. Calculate it There is a rule to follow – Suppose your basic salary is Rs 18 thousand and DA is 46 percent, then your DA formula will be (46 x 18000) / 100.

Will the 8th Pay Commission be implemented?

  • Actually, if DA reaches 50% or 51%, then the salary of the employees will be revised because with the formation of the 7th Pay Commission in 2016, the Central Government had decided the rules for revision of DA, under which when DA reaches 50%, In such a situation, the question arises whether 50% DA will be given by adding it to the existing basic salary or a new pay commission will be formed.
  • In this regard, SB Yadav, General Secretary of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, had written a letter to Prime Minister Modi requesting that in the current circumstances, the Eighth Pay Commission should be constituted without any delay. On Wednesday also, Rajya Sabha member Ramnath Thakur had raised a question in this regard.

The government gave this answer on the formation of new pay commission

  • Rajya Sabha member Ramnath Thakur asked the Finance Minister what reasons were recorded in the files for not considering and approving Para 1.22 of the 7th Pay Commission. Is the Eighth Pay Commission not being constituted because the government is not in a position to bear the burden of the Pay Commission?
  • Responding to this question, the Minister of State for Finance said that the Union Cabinet has not considered this matter while giving approval to the revision of pay and allowances on the basis of the Seventh Pay Commission. Regarding the formation of the 8th Pay Commission, Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary said that no such proposal is under consideration before the government. Earlier, the Seventh Pay Commission was constituted in 2014 and the recommendations of this commission were implemented in the year 2016.
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