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DCGI approval to Zydus’ Virafin, will help in the treatment of Corona patients

The DGCI has approved the drug Virafin of Zydus Cadila for the treatment of corona patients. A single dose of this medicine can cause a mild symptomatic corona patient to recover in 7 days.

NEW DELHI: Corona ( Coronavirus ) Drug Controller General of India to expedite the treatment of patients ( DGCI ) approved Friday the use Emergency Zydus Cadila drug Virafin (Virafin). This medicine can be used to treat patients above 18 years of age.

Patients will be cured in 7 days

The company has claimed that 91.15 percent of corona victims’ RT-PCR test positive became positive in 7 days after consuming the medicine. Using this helps corona patients recover quickly and complications in the advanced stage of the disease can be avoided.

Oxygen will need less

This drug was tested on about 250 patients in 25 centers in India. During this period, it has been observed that patients felt less need for supplemental oxygen (Oxygen) on the use of Pegylated Interferon Alpha 2b. This means that this drug has been able to control respiratory distress and failure, which has been one of the biggest challenges in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients so far.

Use of Remedissiver is still happening

Significantly, Remedesivir medicine is being used in the country so far for the treatment of corona patients. It is an anti-viral drug, which was recognized during the Ebola epidemic. Reportedly, this drug prevents the virus from growing in the body. However, according to the government, Remeddivir is not a life-saving drug. WHO says on Remedisvir that it does not affect in severe conditions. The drug has many side effects.



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