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Deepika spoke on the infidelity found in love, said – ‘For me physical relationship is only…’

Actress Deepika Padukone, who is known for her strong acting in films, is in discussion these days for the recently released film ‘Ghehraiyaan’. The film may have been liked by many but Deepika’s acting has been highly appreciated. But, now Deepika herself has said a big thing about her character.

Deepika spoke on the character of Gheehiyaan

Released on OTT on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the film ‘Gheraiyaan’ is a tangled story of love, pain, trust, lies, deceit and relationships. In the film, Deepika has an affair with her cousin’s fiance. She says that she was not ready to play such a character. She wanted to portray this role in such a way that one can see the circumstances in her life. People must have made many mistakes in this character of Alisha, but this does not mean that such characters do not exist in real life.

‘Physical relationship for me is not just a physical relation’

Not only this, after the Infidelity Plot shown in ‘Geahriyaan’, Deepika said, ‘For me physical relationship is not just physical relation but emotional attachment. I have never cheated or hid anything, if someone cheats on me then why would I be in a relationship with her, it would be better if I stay single and enjoy life openly, but not everyone thinks so.

This was the purpose of the film

She says that the purpose of the film was to tell people that there are many types of people in the world. It is not necessary to agree with all the choices shown in the film but how much you understand the character by putting yourself in her place is important.

Let us tell you that Deepika Padukone played the role of ‘Alisha’ and Ananya Pandey as ‘Tia’ in the film. These two are cousins. Both have separate lives and partners, but Alisha’s heart falls on Tia’s fiancée Zain i.e. Siddharth Chaturvedi. Despite being in a relationship with their partner already, both of them fall in love with each other. The film is full of kissing and romantic scenes of Deepika-Siddhant.



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