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Demat Account: There should be no problem after opening a demat account, just know these things

To invest in the share market, it is necessary to open a demat account. Some things must be taken care of while opening it.

Demat Account: You must have heard about Demat account. But many people do not know about Demat account. Actually, a demat account is opened to invest in the share market. Trading in the stock market is not done without a demat account. Today we are telling you what are the things to be kept in mind while opening a demat account.

1-brokerage and transaction fees

  • Demat account opening and brokerage charges differ between brokers.
  • Nowadays most of the people are opening free demat accounts.
  • You may be charged transaction fees for buying and selling equity.
  • check these things
  • Demat account fees, annual maintenance charges, transaction fees.
  • There can be a big difference between brokers regarding transaction fees.

2-Other facilities

  • Know what facilities the brokerage house will give you.
  • Apart from the service of equity broking, some brokerage houses also offer a variety of other services.
  • Like many brokerage firms keep providing you research from time to time. This research helps you to invest in the right place.

3-Demat and Trading Account

  • It is best if your broker gives you a 2-in-1 demat and trading account.
  • Demat account is incomplete without trading account.
  • Keep in mind that you can only hold shares in digital form in a demat account.
  • With a trading account, you can invest in shares, IPOs, mutual funds and even gold. After that you can keep them in demat account.

4-Portfolio information is also necessary

  • Some brokerage houses give you information about your portfolio from time to time.
  • This helps in keeping track of the returns you will get from the investment.


  • Both phone and internet can be used for business.
  • It is important to know which of the two facilities the brokerage house provides.
  • Most brokers offer both the facilities.



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