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Divya Bharti cried in the bathroom because of Aamir Khan, then Salman took this step

She was one of those actresses of the 90s who became famous overnight by doing only a few films. She worked with almost all the actors of her era. However, despite this, there were some stars with whom they never had a relationship. One of these is the name of actor Aamir Khan, because of which she kept crying in the bathroom for hours.

Actually, this is the story of the film ‘Darr’ released in the year 1993, in which Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla were earlier signed. Although the first choice of the makers for this film was not Juhi Chawla but actress Divya Bharti. But Aamir Khan dropped Divya Bharti from this film, after which Juhi Chawla got the film.

Now what was the reason behind this, it was revealed by Divya Bharti herself in an interview. She had told, ‘When you do a live show, obviously you can make some mistake. I made a mistake too, but it was so small that no one even noticed. I immediately covered the performance, but Aamir got to know because he knew the performance. The very next moment I was told that he wanted to rehearse with the choreographer’s sister. What shall I say now?

Divya Bharti said that she was hurt the most when she saw Aamir Khan performing on stage with Juhi Chawla. At that time, she had only performance to do, while Juhi already had a lot of numbers. During the show, Aamir also skipped the rest of the dance, which was to be done with Divya Bharti, saying, ‘I am very tired.’ This hurt her so much that she sat in the bathroom crying for hours. However, due to the money involved, he gave performance. Then Salman Khan supported him and he performed in place of Aamir. Divya Bharti also thanked Salman in her interview.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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