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Do not watch this web series with everyone even by mistake, every limit is broken

New Delhi: There are many such web series online in which all limits of bo*ldness have been crossed. The name of one such web series is ‘Jhol’. In the ‘Jhol’ web series, Ayesha Kapoor has given more than one bo*ld scene with her co-actor. Know about the web series.

Ayesha Kapoor is very bo*ld

The ‘Jhol’ web series has been released recently. Apart from Ayesha Kapoor, there are many other stars in this who have added a tadka to the bo*ld scene.

The story of the web series is different

The story of the couple has been shown in this web series. In which wife loves someone else. For the happiness of her wife, the husband hands over her wife’s hand to her lover.

Exceeding bo*ld scenes

In this web series, Ayesha Kapoor has given so many bo*ld scenes that you should not make the mistake of watching it with someone else.

Started career with modeling

Ayesha Kapoor started her career with modeling in the year 2016. However, she got recognition because of the bo*ld scenes given in the web series.

Bo*ldness has been added in many web series

Ayesha has appeared in many web series. In which ‘Love Street’, ‘Office Scandal’ and ‘Seal 2’ are included.



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