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Do you know why a zipper is used in women’s jeans?

Women’s jeans have smaller pockets than men’s, but at the same time a zipper is also given and there is a difference in its size, know why.

Nowadays jeans have become not just a fashion statement but an essential item. Not only in the city but also in the village-village, jeans have made their place. If you look in the market, you will find skinny, skinny fit, boyfriend, parallel, loose fit, low waist, mid west, high waist, ankle length and many more types of jeans. It depends on your choice what kind of jeans you want. As far as jeans are concerned, you will get to see a lot of difference in the make of women’s and men’s jeans.

The first difference is that men’s jeans have very large pockets and women’s jeans either do not have pockets or have very small pockets. Behind this difference also there was a big thinking of the fashion industry that the figure of women would look bad due to the stuff kept in the pocket and hence the pockets of women’s jeans kept getting smaller.

It was a matter of pockets, but do you know why women’s jeans have zippers? Most of the people think that this design is from the beginning and this is the reason why women jeans also have zipper, but in women jeans zipper has an important function.

After all, why zipper is given in women’s jeans-

You might have noticed one thing that the size of the zipper in women’s jeans is a little smaller and it is also thinner. In skinny fit jeans, it looks even more slim. It is not just a fashion accessory but also to make jeans flexible for women.

In fact, in the 1800s, when jeans were made for laborers, most of the women did not do labor work, but gradually it also started. The body structure of women used to be different from the body of men and the waist size of women was also bigger. In the beginning, the jeans that were made were very less flexible and therefore this zipper was given to keep the jeans according to the figure of women so that they can easily climb and descend over the hips of women and they do not have much trouble.

It is now given smaller or bigger depending on the make of the jeans , but it does happen.

What is the reason for the thinning of the zipper?

Here also it comes to the figure of women. If the zipper is made bigger and thicker like men’s jeans, then the lower abdomen and the part of the vagina of women will also look bloated. This will not look good and therefore the zipper of women is kept only so that the jeans can easily climb from their hips and the figure of women does not look bloated. The pockets in the design of jeans are also kept smaller because of this.

Now because different types of jeans have started coming according to the figure of women, so the place of pocket and zipper in their texture and their shape is also changing.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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