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Urfi Javed Angry: Don’t ban po*rn, they are banning me’, know why Urfi Javed got furious!

Urfi Javed Angry: As soon as Urfi Javed was asked whether the children are getting spoiled because of her, then just Urfi turned red with anger and gave a befitting answer to this question.

Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed leaves the house and there is no discussion about her style… When Mohtarma steps out of the house, then the discussions start happening on their own. Now their swag is like this, what should anyone do? But this time on a question, Urfi got so angry that she clearly stated it clearly. Urfi was asked if the children are not deteriorating because of her. Just then did Urfi look at her and vent her anger.

Urfi gave the right answer

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Urfi got a little angry on hearing this question and she asked if the children are spoiled by seeing me. People don’t ban po*rn, they are banning me.

Actually, Urfi remains in the headlines for her revealing outfits. Urfi comes in limelight for her different style. The paparazzi also go crazy and wait for hours to get a glimpse of her. Urfi Javed was recently seen in such an avatar that even the fans and the photographers were surprised to see her and were eager to capture her pictures. Seeing such haste of the photographers, Urfi got tensed.

Urfi is included in the list of Most Searched Asian

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The popularity of Urfi Javed can be gauged from the fact that recently she has got a place in the list of most searched Asian celebs and she has also beaten many big and beautiful faces of Bollywood in this category. From Kangana Ranaut to Kiara Advani, Urfi is far behind in this list. Urfi’s happiness knew no bounds after getting this achievement.

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