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DTC buses will get 10 percent discount on fares when using One Delhi App

In Delhi, the Arvind Kejriwal government has approved the proposal of the Transport Department’s One Delhi App, after which traveling in DTC buses will become more affordable and convenient.

If you are in Delhi and travel in DTC buses to go to your office or factory then this news is just for you. Because now you are going to save both time and money by traveling in these buses.

The Cabinet of the Delhi Government has already approved the proposal of the Transport Department on One Delhi App related to DTC buses in Delhi. In which now on booking tickets through this app, there will be a discount of 10 percent in the fare. Through this app, women can also book their free travel pink pass.

According to the statement given by the Delhi government regarding this app, passengers traveling in DTC buses can book tickets by selecting their destination after scanning the QR code inside the bus.

In which rent payment and rental can be selected. From this app, pink tickets issued to women for free travel can also be booked. This app works on two languages ​​in which first language is English and second language is Hindi.

The Delhi government has also informed that work is underway on an updated version of the app, which will provide the approximate arrival time to any destination and the location of the nearest charging station for electric vehicles.

After getting the approval of the cabinet for the proposal of this app, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot while talking on this app said that, it is important to upgrade the app especially in the middle of corona epidemic. Because this app is going to reduce surface contact, which will help in reducing the spread of virus among passengers.

Kailash Gehlot said, “I am looking forward to introducing state-of-the-art buses, with enhanced surveillance and security arrangements, through this e-ticketing app and common mobility card. This move will greatly facilitate Delhiites to adopt public transport”.

According to the Delhi government, at present there is a fleet of 6,750 buses in Delhi which includes DTC and orange colored cluster buses. These buses carry 49 lakh people to their destination every day.

Through this app of Delhi Transport Department, you can not only book your ticket but also know the real time location of your bus. Recently Google has partnered with Google for this feature. In which you will be able to see the location of your bus from your smartphone and book your ticket.

Let us tell you that traveling in DTC buses is absolutely free for women in Delhi for which they have to take only one pink ticket. But for other passengers, this ticket starts from Rs 5 and is maximum Rs 15. In which you can travel the whole day by getting a daily pass of Rs 40. (This fare is for non AC buses).



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