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Electricity New Ruls: The amount of money in the meter, the electricity will burn only, know what is the matter

The day is not far when prepaid meters will be installed in central government offices.

If this happens, then the amount of money in the meter, you will be able to burn the same amount of electricity. Meaning prepaid smart meters will be installed in these offices. This scheme is of the Union Power Ministry. This is so that a positive message is sent across the country. After this, prepaid smart meters will be installed in all the electricity consumers of the country. However, this will not include those taking electricity connection for agricultural work.Also Read:Kangana Ranaut showed off her boldest look ever, shared a bold photo in a transparent bralette

Advice given

The Ministry of Power of the Central Government has issued an advisory in this regard to all the Central Ministries and Departments. The Ministry of Power has said, “Advisory has been issued to all the Ministries of the Central Government to direct the organizations under their administrative control to install prepaid smart meters on a priority basis.” Under this, the Ministries have been given all necessary orders in this regard. also asked to issue.

No insistence on bank guarantee

According to the statement of the Union Power Ministry, the Finance Ministry has issued a clarification asking all central ministries and central departments to make advance payment for pre-paid electricity meters without insisting on bank guarantee. Along with this, everyone has also been asked to ensure proper accounting system. According to the Ministry of Power, prepaid smart meters in all government departments will prove to be important in ensuring the commitment of the government to not only put the distribution companies (discoms) on the path of financial stability and promote energy efficiency, but also the states. Will serve as a model for preparing the system. This will help in clearing the outstanding electricity bills by their respective departments.Also Read:Delhi Metro: Metro parking will remain closed on August 15 in view of security, advisory issued regarding traffic

Discom weak link

Distribution companies are considered to be the most important in the power sector, but at the same time they are also the weakest link in this sector. This is because of the poor financial health of the distribution sector, which ultimately affects the manufacturing sector. Apart from operational inefficiency, huge amount of electricity bill arrears on Central and State Government departments along with delays and inadequate payment are also the reasons for the plight of the distribution companies. According to the estimates received from the states, their government departments had a total power dues of Rs 48,664 crore at the end of 2020-21.Also Read:ELSS vs PPF: Which Tax Saving Option is Right for You? know everything here

Everyone will have prepaid smart meter

The Central Government has approved the Revised Distribution Area Scheme… Reform Based and Outcome Linked Scheme to improve the operational efficiency and financial position of the distribution sector. The scheme lays emphasis on making the existing DISCOMs operationally efficient and financially sound. An important program under this scheme is to install prepaid smart meters for all electricity consumers except agriculture consumers in a phased manner. For this, a commitment of half of the total outlay of the scheme has been kept. Preference has been given to installation of prepaid smart meters in all departments of the Central and State Governments including urban and rural local bodies and government boards and corporations. Its purpose is to ensure that government departments keep a proper budget for this and pay for electricity services whenever they are used.

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  1. This is pertaining to Proposed installation of Electrical Energy Meters:

    We personally do not mind to install the meters; provided following is strongly fulfilled by the Government:

    1. Power distribution companies should make an immediate attempt to minimise transmission losses.
    (These losses are indirectly recovered from consumers and hence day by day Electricity is beyond affordable)

    2. Strictly and by stringent ways and means theft of electricity to be prevented. (Unbilled energy charges are considered as losses and same are recovered from the consumers)

    3. Electricity distribution companies should immediately implement ways and means to improve Power Factor (P. F.) which could result in energy saving / reduction of line losses and thereby improving efficiency of generating and Transmission equipments,

    4. Electricity distribution companies should immediately provide required adequate tools and Safety gears to their personnel working directly on electrical lines.

    5. Electricity distribution offices where customers complaints are lodged, should not maintain their telephones engaged deliberately by lifting receiver from cradle of the telephone instruments. (The phenomenon is experienced by us at any point of time when called.)

    6. Even In the interest to prevent damage to National property and for safety if a complaint emailed (due to non lifting of phone); neither the email is replied nor the corrective action is taken by concerned department,

    7. There is always scarcity of spares to attend the complaints. Some times wireman’s / line mans pays from their pocket to procure spares locally.

    8. Material used by the departments … supplied by their central stores is not as per relevant Indian Standard and hence frequent – repetitive failures occurred causing inconvenience to working people and customers.

    9. 1st slab of Tariff i.e. unit 1 to 100 for certain charges per unit needs to be revised.

    10. Consistency in power supply with specified tolerance limits should be maintained.

    11. Considering the meters are prepaid; online recharge facility needs to be strengthen by improving internet or mobile phone network through out INDIA and at every corner. (Still mobile phones or at toll plaza wi-fi signals are weak resulting in queuing of vehicles.)

    12. What about employment / bread and butter of prevailing manpower those are presently engaged in electricity Billing section at all Electricity Distribution Boards Offices? Let those be engaged on contractual basis by the Government ?? Their way – mode of earning should be / has to be intact.

    12. Other grievances / complaints could not express by writing here.

    Hope, this message reaches to Central Government Authorities prior to implementation of prepaid meters,

    Thanks and Best Regards.

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