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Elon Musk to compete with Mukesh Ambani, this is the plan to capture India’s 5G market

Elon Musk, the world’s richest, is planning to explode the telecom world with the help of Starlink satellite internet. Their eyes are on big markets like India and China.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, is planning to explode in the world of telecom after a blast in the field of space science and electricity mobility. They will create a new market through Satellite Internet all over the world. Musk’s company name is Starlink which is in the satellite internet business.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Elon Musk has launched about 1000 satellites in space so far under the Space Technology Program. All these satellites are working for Starlink Internet service. The company has also started getting customers in the US, UK, Canada. Musk is finding options for himself in the market of 1 trillion dollars (about 1 trillion dollars) (about 75 lakh crores). In the coming days, Starlink’s satellite internet service will be available in in-flight internet, maritime and rural and rare areas of China-India.

These two ways internet service available

As we know that there is a 4G network in the country. We are also moving towards 5G very fast. If you talk about internet, then it is available in two ways. First mobile internet and second broadband service. Mobile Internet is a satellite based service, while broadband is covered by optical fiber. This process is complex and also expensive, but it has the highest internet speed.

Internet will be cheaper in the coming days

In a large country like India, there is talk of 5G on one side, but there is no access to internet in hilly and remote rural areas or you can say that 2G internet is available. There are still 300 million i.e. 2 million 2G users in the country. There is no possible access to cable (fiber optical) or it is very expensive. Apart from this, it is also rare to install mobile towers for various reasons. Musk wants to provide high speed internet service in these areas with the help of Starlink. According to a CNBC report, Starlink is providing high-speed Internet service every month in the US for $ 99. However, it requires a $ 499 Starlink kit.

No access to internet at these places

Maritime- If you have ever been on a trip to the sea, then there is usually no access to the Internet. Even if there is access to internet, it is quite expensive. Mobiles do not work there. Internet and mobile calling facilities are not available at these places because the area is outside the frequency range. The government has to spend crores of rupees every year on providing internet and calling services to the marine service. Similarly, there is no internet access inside the plane during air travel. If an airline is offering this facility then it is quite expensive. There are no networks in hilly areas, as it is difficult to install mobile towers on the mountains. Musk is eyeing these markets all over the world. Also Read: SBI gave gift to 42 crores customers! Now you are getting these 9 services sitting at home, know all the things related to it

Ambani is preparing to lead in 5G with the help of Jio

Here Mukesh Ambani wants to lead 5G service in India with the help of Reliance Jio. Reliance Group has announced the results for the December quarter on Friday. In a statement issued by the company, it was said that Jio Platforms is working on 5G high speed network in advance. However, the spectrum has not been auctioned by the government yet. Explain that Jio Platforms’ net profit for the third quarter ended December 2020 of the current financial year increased by 15.5 percent to Rs 3,489 crore on a quarter-on-quarter basis. In the previous quarter, Jio Platforms made a net profit of Rs 3,020 crore.




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