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EPFO: Withdrawal claim rejected? However, the same reasons may be

Employee Provident Fund Organization Everyone knows about EPFO. Let us now look at the possible reasons for EPF Withdrawal Claim Rejection.

Bank Details:

There are a number of reasons why an EPF withdrawal claim may not be valid, one of which is the failure to update the bank details. Failure to update the bank account number and claim if the IFSC code is not updated.

Wrong number:

EPF clients will not be able to claim even if this number does not match the number on record. Also make sure your name and date of birth are correct.

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Cheque Book Details:

If the copy of the cheque book but the signature is not clear, the claim will not be accepted.

EPF Withdrawal Claim A scanned copy must be provided when customers claim online.

Incomplete KYC:

Not claimed even if KYC is not completed. EPFO will reject EPF withdrawal claim if KYC is not completed. If you want to sue for corona virus, make sure the Aadhaar card is verified and the Aadhaar card is linked to your UN number, otherwise it will be rejected.



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