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Even those trolling Urfi Javed for her dressage will be stunned to see this video, see how her famous dress became

Urfi Javed is often trolled on social media for her quirky dressage, but Urfi sticks to her choices and often surprises with her style statements. When the trolls think that this is the limit, then Urfi surprises her with a new dress. But, now such a style of Urfi has come to the fore, knowing that even the trolls who troll her will agree to her sense of humour.

Actually, Urfi has shared a funny video in her Instagram story, in which she is shown wittyly how to make her blue colored dress. You will remember, a few days ago, Urfi shared some pictures of herself on her Instagram account, in which she was seen wearing a strange blue dress.

Seeing this dress, it seemed as if the rats had prepared it by gnawing. Urfi herself jokingly posted a picture of a mouse along with these pictures and said how the dress was made.

A post shared by Urrfii (@urf7i)

Now a user has taken this idea forward and made a funny video, in which it is shown that he first cuts a blue cloth with scissors diagonally and then throws it on the ground. Editing has shown rats on this dress, which make big holes. Urfi responded by laughing at this video by sharing it in Insta Story.

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Let me tell you, Urfi often posts her pictures on social media, in which she is seen wearing different types of dresses. While Urfi is trolled, many people also support her and question those who comment on her choices. Urfi came into the limelight by participating in Bigg Boss OTT and since then she has remained a social media sensation.




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