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Every bride should know these important things before marriage – read here

Wedding day is special for every bride. But for a new beginning after marriage, some things are necessary. Every girl should know some important things before marriage. Here’s what every girl should know.

Every new bride has to take care of many things before the wedding day. These include wedding decorations, makeup, clothing, jewelry and arranging your belongings. But there are many other things apart from these that a bride should know before marriage. It can be overwhelming and challenging for new brides. It is full of emotions. There are several things every bride or newlywed should know. Pre-starting a girl’s new life cannot change or reduce the emotion but it will help in reducing its stress.

Close the doors of your past

It is not a good idea to carry forward any bad memories after marriage. Although it can be difficult to forget some people, feelings, and events, it is in your best interest to forget what has passed. The sooner you accept change, the easier it will be.

May sound strange

If you are not comfortable with your partner, some awkward moments can happen and you should know that this is normal. Maybe some habits are different for both of them but it is better to understand it slowly than to be afraid of things.

A New Beginning

Don’t start on a negative note. It’s common to feel scared before starting things new. Your marriage is not the end of anything. This is just the beginning of a new life with your partner. Set a positive tone of feedback in your mind and you will be fine.


Don’t think that someone can read your mind. It is difficult for men to detect feelings. So share, talk and express your feelings. This will avoid any misunderstandings and make everything easier.

First Night

Unlike what we’ve seen in movies, your wedding night isn’t always about s*ex. You and your spouse want it to happen only if it happens. Wedding functions can be tiring, due to which you may not think about it.

Change clothes

It takes a team to help Indian brides get dressed. Changing these clothes or heavy lehenga on your own is not an easy task. So be patient and do it comfortably. Also, don’t forget to remove the hairpins and safety pins all around.

Don’t lose your identity

Though at times Indian culture may demand you to be a ‘good sacrificing wife’, don’t get so caught up in trying to be a good daughter-in-law that you lose your identity. You are a person even after marriage and you have your own identity. You should always have your own opinion and ideas.

Don’t forget to have fun

This is the beginning of your new life. Once the wedding day approaches, there’s not much you can do to prevent any potential mess. So leave it, just be happy and enjoy. Be grateful, accept and be positive. It’s your special day – a once in a lifetime feeling. Make memories of this day.


Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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