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Fans furious with Rupali Ganguly’s Mehndi, trending after the latest episode STOP RUINING ANUPAMA

Anupama TV Show: Rupali Ganguly’s show ‘Anupama’ is the favorite show of the fans, that’s why every time this show remains on top in TRP. But what happened that on social media the fans made STOP RUINING ANUPAMA trend.

Anupama TV Show: ‘Stop Running Anupama’ became one of the top trends on Twitter after the premiere of the latest episode of Rupali Ganguly’s show ‘Anupama’. Actually, the fans seem upset with the story of the show, while the fans also got into trouble with Anupama’s Mehndi. The show is currently progressing with Anupama and Anuj’s pre-wedding celebrations.

In the latest episode of Anupama, the duo hosted their pre-wedding functions – Mehndi and Sangeet. While the episode had elaborate wedding sequences, Vanraj, played by Sudhanshu Pandey, was seen trying to stop the marriage. Anu’s mehndi design also remains a topic of discussion.

Actually, the sequence of Anupama and Anuj’s wedding is not being shown well in the show, due to which the fans are angry, people feel that both of them are middle age group couple, so the makers are doing this. Many people also have a problem with Anupama and Anuj’s Mehndi, because they have written each other’s name in the mehndi besides the names of other family members. Also the design is not good either.

Meanwhile, singer Mika Singh, popular for the wedding sequence, attended Rupali Ganguly’s show ‘Anupama’. Mika arrived on the show as a friend of Anuj’s character played by Gaurav Khanna and performed the title track of his upcoming show ‘Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti’.

Seeing the love of the fans, Anupama’s prequel was released on OTT. In the 11-episode show, Rupali reprises her role opposite Sudhanshu Pandey, who is seen playing the role of her on-screen husband Vanraj. The episodes released in 11 days of the prequel will not be aired on television and will be streamed only on online platforms.






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