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Fat Shamed Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu’s Body Transformation, Lost Weight After Trolling, See How Much Her Look Changed?

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu has dominated not only in India but also globally because of her beauty. Harnaaz Sandhu is the perfect combination of beauty with brain. This skill of her makes her the most different. Fans were shocked to see Harnaaz Sandhu when she was seen with increased weight after 3 months of becoming Miss Universe.

Harnaaz was also trolled a lot due to weight gain. People commented on her looks. Harnaaz Sandhu was fat shamed. But all these criticisms did not allow Harnaaz’s confidence to falter. Harnaaz also took trolling positively.

Harnaaz had told that she has a disease called Celiac. Due to which her weight had increased. Now once again Harnaaz Sandhu is surprising everyone about her body transformation. Harnaaz’s increased weight has now decreased a lot.

Seeing the latest pictures of Harnaaz, you will also be surprised to see her body transformation. In these photos, Harnaaz is looking slim as before. Fans are getting convinced on her beauty as always.

Harnaaz Sandhu’s slim look is to be seen in the pictures and videos. In March, pictures of Harnaaz’s increased weight were revealed. Now in May, she is once again looking slim fit.

Fans are also stunned to see these back to back physical transformations of Harnaaz. In the latest video, Harnaaz Sandhu is seen in a red color gown. Harnaaz has added four moons to her look with Haiban.

If you take your eyes off Harnaaz Sandhu’s beauty, then also know why her weight had increased. Harnaz is allergic to gluten due to Celiac disease. This is an intestinal disease, which occurs due to your body not digesting gluten.

Due to this allergy, the body has trouble absorbing minerals, food, vitamins. The most serious thing is that it is very difficult for a person suffering from this disease to maintain her weight. That is why there is a lot of ups and downs in the weight of Harnaaz every day.

Haters may be trolling Harnaaz, but the fact cannot be denied that Harnaaz looks most beautiful even in increased weight. Be it ethnic or western, slim or fatty… Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu looks stunning.



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