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Filing ITR: No Form 16? You can fill your ITR online, know the process

Form 16 is a very important document for every employed person. The employer is required to give Form 16 to each of his employees. But sometimes Form 16 is not available to the employees due to some reason. Even if you are an employee who does not have Form 16, you can still fill your ITR online. Let’s know how

Check your salary slip 

Check the salary slips for the entire financial year for which you are filing ITR. From there you will get information about TDS deduction, PF related details, in hand salary in your salary slip.

Form 26AS 

Cross check the information related to tax deduction through 26AS form and the information present in the pay slip with each other.

Income Source 


While filing ITR, keep in mind that the income earned from sources other than housing rent, money earned from other business, capital gains, mutual funds should be shown.

After this whole process, you can calculate your share of tax. Then 26AS match your liability. If both are showing the same data then you can file your ITR online.



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