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Fixed Deposit: Know which bank is getting the highest interest on fixed deposit

Different banks are getting different interest rates on fixed deposits. If your plan is to FD, then take a decision only after comparing the interest rates of all banks.

New Delhi: You should invest your money very thoughtfully. Many banks in the market are paying interest at different rates for investing in fixed deposits (FDs). If your plan is to invest in FD, then it is important to first know which bank is paying the highest interest. Everyone wants that they get maximum return on investment. Today, you are telling that if you will FD in the market, then which bank can get the most benefit. These include private and public sector banks.

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It is worth noting that banks offer different interest rates on different amounts, apart from this there is a different procedure in all banks. Although the process of FD is easy in all banks. You have to go to the concerned bank branch with the correct documents and complete the process. For this information, you can contact the bank branch or customer care. Customer care will not only provide you complete information about it, but will also tell you about the better scheme.

These banks are paying the highest interest

First of all, let’s talk about the bank which is paying the highest interest on FD. IndusInd Bank is giving the highest annual interest on the amount up to one lakh. You are getting maximum 7 percent interest on FD in IndusInd Bank. After this comes the number of RBL and Yes Bank, who are paying 6.75 percent interest on FD. DCB Bank is offering 6.50 percent interest. The special thing is that senior citizens get more interest than normal in most banks.

Also getting good interest in these banks

Union Bank is getting 5.20 percent, 5.25 percent in Bank of India, 5.30 percent in Canara Bank and Punjab and Sindh Bank, 5.50 percent in post office and 5.75 percent interest in Bandhan Bank. The special thing is that SBI and Punjab National Bank, which are among the largest banks in the country, have slightly less interest than these banks. Before getting FD in these banks, get full information about it. Decide only on being satisfied. Do not make any decision in haste.




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