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Flight Cash & Luggage Limit: Now you can take only this much cash and luggage in flight, there will be problem if caught

Flight Rule Tips: People often have this question about how much cash can be carried in a flight, let us tell you, the rules for carrying cash are different for domestic flights, and the rules for carrying cash are different for international flights.

Flight Cash & Luggage Limit: Whether going abroad or to a place far away from the city, people often prefer to go by flight. And why not go, this is the only means by which you can reach your destination quickly. Well, till date you might have taken care of the things related to luggage while traveling by plane, but do you know that there is also a penny which has some limitations on carrying it?

Yes, if you are going by plane and want to carry cash with you, then you can only carry some limited cash in your bag. Although the facility of withdrawal is available in India and abroad, there are many people who like to carry cash with them for their convenience.

Can you take this much cash on an airplane?

According to the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India, if you take domestic flights, then you can take maximum cash of Rs 2 lakh only. But if you are going on a foreign trip, then this rule does not apply.

How much cash is one allowed to carry while traveling abroad?

If you are going to travel to any other country except Nepal and Bhutan, you can take foreign currency up to $3000. If you plan to carry more than this in cash, you will need store value and travel checks.

What should be the weight of luggage in flight?

Now you know how much cash can be taken in the flight, and now also know what should be the weight of the luggage in the flight. You can carry weight ranging from 7 to 14 kg in the handbag. The weight of the check-in baggage that you leave at the check-in counter can range from 20 kg to 30 kg. Same rules apply for international flights also. If you want accurate information regarding weight, then you can find out by visiting the official website of your flight.

What cannot be taken while traveling by flight?

You should not carry some things during air travel, let us tell you that there are restrictions on carrying them in air travel. You cannot carry chemical items like chlorine, acid, bleach etc.

Can alcohol be taken on domestic flights?

Yes, you can carry alcohol in the check-in bag but it should not exceed 5 litres. There are also liquor stores at many airports.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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