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Fool was making paint instead of face mask, seized woman’s passport

The corona virus has taken the whole world under its grip and no country is untouched by it.

Scientists and doctors have clearly advised people to wear masks to avoid infection, but some people either do not consider it necessary or consider it to be a burden and a waste of beauty. One such woman was not required to wear a mask and instead of painting the face in the design of the mask to defraud the agencies. Now the passport of that woman has been confiscated.

Despite the mandatory guidelines regarding face masks, there are many who continue to flout the rules in public places amid the COVID-19 epidemic. Recently, the passports of two women were confiscated in Bali, because the mask that the woman wore to go to the supermarket was not actually a mask but the same painting was done on the face.

One of the two women made a painting of a blue mask on her face to fool the shopkeepers. According to the news, someone made a video of these two women named Josh Palar Lynn and Leia who were walking in the supermarket.

Leia tried to paint her face in the color of a surgical mask by shopkeepers to give her the look of a real mask for which she was seen trying to avoid the rules with a white line up to the ear. However, it was later revealed that she made such a video In order to get as much view on it as possible.

This maneuver of both those women did not work. His video went viral but he had to listen to the maliciousness of the people. People described the pair as irresponsible and dangerous.

Indonesia’s immigration department confirmed this after the video went viral and confiscated the passports of the two girls. Leia was identified as a Russian citizen and Josh as a Taiwanese citizen and his deportation is being feared.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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