Four women pilots fly Air India’s longest flight, know how was the journey

Four women pilots fly Air India's longest flight, know how was the journey
Four women pilots fly Air India's longest flight, know how was the journey

The 4 women captains of Air India flew to Bangalore, 16,000 km from San Francisco, on Sunday. His flight added another page to the history books, know what was special about this flight ..

In today’s era, women have reached the space, we often get to hear this around us. But today, in the mission that we are going to talk to you, the crew of 4 women pilots has shown a unique feat. This crew of Air India only women successfully completed the flight from San Francisco to Bangalore, flying above the North Pole. Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri himself has saluted his spirit.

The distance traveled from San Francisco to Bangalore is about 16,000 km. Usually airlines on this air route reach India from San Francisco via Europe or Japan. But these 4 women pilots set a new record not only by flying through the Atlantic air route through the North Pole but also with women crew-members. These women pilots took this flight from San Francisco on Sunday 10 January and successfully reached Bangalore by taking the longest flight of Air India.

Captain-Zoya Aggarwal commanded this first Air India direct flight from San Francisco-Bengaluru in the Who-Who crew . He said, “Today we have created world history not only from above the North Pole but also by flying with all the women pilots. We saved 10 tonnes of fuel by traveling through this route. ”

Apart from Zoya, the crew consisted of Captain Papagari Thanmei, Captain Akanksha Sonavare and Captain Shivani Manhas. Captain Shivani said, “An unprecedented feeling.” This journey took about 17 hours.

Which aircraft became a witness of

this historic journey, became the 12-year-old ‘Boeing 777-200LR’ aircraft of Air India. The name ‘Kerala’ has been written on the front part of this aircraft bearing the registration number VT-ALG, along with the Mahatma Gandhi picture has also been engraved. Flight number AI176 completed this distance in about 17 hours by flying at a speed of 557 knots i.e. 1,032 kilometers per hour at an altitude of more than 37,000 feet. The aircraft has a seating capacity of 238 people.

What did the minister say,

Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri appreciated this feat of Air India pilots. He tweeted, “Four women professionals from the Indian civil aviation sector created history.” Congratulations to Captain Zoya Agarwal, Capt Papagari Thanmei, Capt Akanksha Sonavare and Capt Shivani on flying from the North Pole to San Francisco from Bangalore.

From January 15, Hyderabad-Chicago direct flight to the

public sector Air India provides direct flight to many countries around the world. The company said that from January 15, it is also going to start its Hyderabad-Chicago direct flight.

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