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Free LPG connections : Now gas cylinder will be available for free without proof of proof

LPG connections: Oil Secretary Tarun Kapoor said that the government has decided to distribute one crore free LPG connections in the next two years. With this, 100 percent people will have access to clean fuel.

The government has prepared a plan to give more than one crore free LPG connections in the next two years and to provide easy access to LPG to the people. This scheme has been formulated to achieve the goal of delivering clean fuel to 100 percent people in the country.

Petroleum Secretary Tarun Kapoor said that at least a plan to provide connections with identity documents and without local residence proof is ready. In addition, consumers will soon have the option of getting a refill cylinder from three dealers in their neighborhood instead of being tied to only one distributor.

Kapoor said that in just four years, a record eight crore free LPG connections were provided in the homes of poor women, bringing the number of LPG users in the country to about 29 crore.

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In the Union Budget presented earlier this month, a plan was announced to provide more than one crore free LPG connections under the Prime Minister Ujjwala (PMUY) scheme. The Secretary said, “Our plan is to achieve the target of providing additional one crore connections in two years.” He said that no separate allocation has been made for this in the budget of 2021-22. He said that the general fuel subsidy allocation alone should be sufficient to cover the expenditure of around Rs 1,600 per connection.

LPG connection in 29 crore households

The Secretary said, ‘We have made a preliminary estimate of those people, who are still left without LPG connection. This number is one crore. After the Ujjwala scheme, there are very few households in India without LPG.

We have about 29 crore houses with LPG connections. With one crore connections, we will be close to delivering LPG to 100 percent of the households. However, he admitted that there could be a change in this number of one crore, because there will be many such families who may have left one city for another due to employment or other reasons.

Petrol-diesel and domestic gas price fall likely by April

Here on the rising price of petrol and diesel, the petroleum minister said that the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas can be reduced by March or April. He said, the oil producing countries have been asked to increase the production of oil so that the general public of India can get relief from the rising prices of oil.

Explain that the Union Petroleum Minister had said two days ago that petroleum products are becoming expensive in the country due to rising crude oil prices by oil producing countries. In order to make more profit in the interest of their country, countries supplying crude oil are increasing the prices of crude oil. Prices have gone up, this happens in winter. Now the winters are over, then the prices will become cheaper.

LPG price increased by 100 rupees in February

The price of LPG has increased once again on 25th February. This is the third increase in the prices of LPG gas cylinders in the month of February. Previously, there was an increase of 25 rupees on 4 February, 50 rupees on 14 February.

At the same time, it increased by 25 rupees on 25 February. This means that the price of LPG has increased by Rs 100 this month. After the increase in prices, the price of 14.2 kg gas cylinder without subsidy in Delhi increased from Rs 769 to Rs 794. At the same time, for a gas cylinder in Kolkata, 820.50 rupees, Mumbai 794 rupees and Chennai 760 rupees will have to be paid. Earlier, the price of LPG was Rs 769 in Delhi, Rs 795.50 in Kolkata, Rs 769 in Mumbai and Rs 785 in Chennai.



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