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Funny Video: This funny video of boyfriend-girlfriend would not have been seen, who could not stop laughing.

Funny Video: The video is being seen a lot in social media. In this, lovers and girlfriends have arrived for dinner, but after a few seconds, the view shown will not be able to stop laughing.

Funny Video: Every loving couple wants their loved one to travel the world. Sitting in the night under the blue sky, spend some moments of relaxation. Spend some personal and better time with him. Take it on a dinner date. And many more dreams live with each other of those who love. In this too, when going on a dinner date, if anything is best, it is that no one sees them, because those moments are only theirs. In this too, eating dinner with the hands of lover and girlfriend makes the date even more pleasant.

But what if both of these things turn upside down? When someone is looking at them. Not only this, even try to do activities like them. Right now one such video is becoming fiercely viral in social media. In this, a boy is seen feeding his girlfriend a morsel of food with great love. That girl is also looking very happy.

But attention will be paid to both of them later, first you will see the woman sitting behind them, who is going to see them without blinking. Her eyes are not on her husband, but on the activities of the couple sitting at the front table. The matter does not end with this, because the twist is at the end of the video. Seeing the wood in front being fed the morsel, she starts insisting on her husband to feed hemself in the same way with his own hands.

It can be seen in the funny video that the husband also turned out to be amazing. He agrees to her, but you will start laughing knowing that instead of his wife, he starts feeding the girl sitting at the front table, who was already eating food from the hands of her lover.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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