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Get Corona Vaccine and get beer-ice cream for free, learn where to get offers from

Get the Corona Vaccine … Take the beer. Yes, this is not a jumla but a reality. A private US beer company is offering this. The company has started this scheme for those who are hesitant to get Corona vaccine. Since then, there has been a long line at the vaccine center of the people.

Bring vaccination proof take away beer

A company named Samuel Adams beer has offered to give beer instead of a vaccine in Ohio, USA. For this, you have to take the certificate obtained after vaccination. You can get free beer by showing the certificate.

America’s private company started the scheme

In many countries around the world, including India, the corona virus has started spreading once again, in view of which the government has given orders for speeding up the vaccination campaign. But even today some people are hesitant to get the vaccine. In such a situation, a private company in America has started the scheme of giving beer and hemp instead of getting the vaccine.

Hemp and donut offer in lieu of vaccination

Apart from this, marijuana manufacturing company in Michigan, USA, is also providing cannabis to the youth. Whereas the company named Crispy Cream Donuts has offered a free donut after vaccination.

Vacancy center fare free

According to the report of US Today, the impact of these offers from private company was also seen in the vaccine centers. A crowd of people started gathering here to get the vaccine. After this, in some places the local administration also offered to free the fare to reach the vaccine center. According to reports, many private companies are even giving leave to their employees.

Free ice cream option in China

At the same time, the order of compulsory vaccination has been heard in some cities. While many vaccine centers in the capital Beijing are being offered free icecream.



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