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Get up to 23 thousand pension by investing only once in this policy of LIC, know more benefits of the scheme

LIC’s Jeevan Akshay policy is an annuity plan. In this, in lieu of depositing a lump sum amount, monthly pension is available. The amount of pension depends on the sum assured amount.

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) operates many schemes by the way. But if you are looking for such a plan in which you get regular pension along with security, then ‘Jeevan Akshay’ policy can prove to be beneficial for you. In this, you can get pension every month by depositing the installment only once.

Jeevan Akshay plan is available with many different options. There are about 10 varieties available in this, but the most popular option is ‘A’ i.e. ‘Annuity payable for life at a uniform rate’ (pension per month). Since it is an annuity plan, a lump sum investment has to be made in it. In this, the policyholder starts getting a fixed pension amount immediately after investment.

Who can invest

Jeevan Akshay is a single premium non-linked non-participating and personal annuity plan. In this, investing in long term gives strong returns. Also the risk is also less. A minimum investment of Rs 1 lakh has to be made in this. There is no maximum investment limit in this policy. People in the age group of 35 to 85 years can take the policy. For how to get the pension amount, 10 different options have been given by LIC.

How to get 23 thousand rupees

If a person invests Rs 40,72,000 in lump sum in this policy, then every month he will get a pension of Rs 23 thousand. Let us understand in the example: At the age of 54, the sum assured was taken 400000. In such a situation, annual pension will be 287200, half yearly 141000, quarterly 69750 and monthly 23100 rupees. This pension is available for life, the pension facility stops after the death of the policyholder.



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