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Good News! College girls will get the gift of free bus service, this benefit will be given to the students

New Delhi: A plan is being worked on to give the gift of free travel in roadways buses to girl students to go from home to college. Preparations are going on in Uttarakhand to give the benefit of this free facility to the girl students. This will benefit 63 thousand college students of the state.

Proposal preparation instructions

In the review meeting of the Higher Education Department at the Secretariat, Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu has given instructions to prepare proposals regarding exemption in buses. Along with this, there is a preparation to give discount in bus fare to the students.

Considering giving subsidy where there are no buses

According to media reports, Director of Higher Education Dr. PK Pathak told that the Chief Secretary asked to prepare a proposal to provide free travel facility to girl students from home to college and give concession in fare to the students. Roadways buses are not available in many places. In such a situation, it is being considered to give subsidy in rent to the students.

Online education a good option

According to media reports, in the meeting, the Chief Secretary said that there are colleges in the hilly areas but there is a shortage of faculty. Online education is a good option for this. He said that efforts should be made to bring quality in higher education. Videos of lectures of the best teachers of the country, abroad and the state should be made available to all colleges and universities.

Provide video lectures from pen drive

According to the Chief Secretary, through these videos, students will get a chance to study from the best teachers. He directed that for this TV or big screen should be made available in all the classes. In areas where mobile network is weak or not, this course material and video should be made available through pen drives. It will be very useful for our hill institutions. With this our teachers will also get the benefit of listening to the best lectures of the subject.

In the meeting, the Chief Secretary instructed to set up innovative clubs in all government colleges and universities. He said that this would encourage innovation. There will be no shortage of funds in this. Initially, it can be started in one college in each district.



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