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Good news for train travellers! From this date, these AC trains will have half the fare, check the details immediately

New Delhi: Indian Railways is going to give a big relief to those traveling by train. Actually, Railways is going to reduce the fare of AC Local. Railways will reduce fares by up to 50 percent. At present the fare for 5 km distance is Rs 65, which is now being reduced. The new fares will be implemented from May 5.

There was a long standing demand to reduce the rent

The Central Railway said in a statement that there was a long-standing demand from the public to reduce the fares. Therefore, accepting the demand, the Railway Ministry decided to reduce the fare. The change in fare will be from 5th May. The government had received many suggestions to reduce the fare of AC local in Mumbai. In the suggestion, it was asked to reduce the fare by 20 to 30 percent.

Now how much will the rent be

Let us tell you that at present the fare between CSMT to Thane is Rs 130, which is now being reduced to Rs 90. At the same time, CSMT fare of Rs 210 is being reduced from Kalyan to Rs 105. Accordingly, fares on other routes have also been reduced by half. After the reduction in fare, the number of passengers in AC local is expected to increase. Let us tell you that till now very few passengers used to travel in AC local. The reason for this was said to be high rent.




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