Good News: If You Have These 2 Rupee Coins Then Earn 10 Lakh Rupees Instantly, Know The Whole Process

New Delhi: During the corona virus infection period, along with the lives of people, there has been a huge economic loss to the business world, which everyone is working hard to fulfill. In such a situation, if you are fond of collecting old coins, then this news means a lot to you. These days old coins are being bought at exorbitant prices, from which you can easily earn big money.

Two coins of Rs 2 issued by RBI in the year 1994 and 2000 can prove to be a boon for your monetary gains. The flag and map of India should be made on the back of these coins. The price of these rare coins has been fixed at Rs 5 lakh on the Quikr website.

In this way you can earn up to ten lakh rupees by selling two coins. At the same time, before independence, the price of a silver coin bearing the mark of Queen Victoria is being told as Rs 2 lakh.

If you have such coins and want to sell them, then first you have to go to the site and register. Click on the coin’s photo and upload it to the site. Buyers will contact you directly. From there you can sell your coin according to the payment and delivery rules.

(https://Www.Quikr.Com/Home-Lifestyle/2-Rupee-Coin-For-Sale-Quantity-2-Jalandhar/P/355893515). Here you have to register your account by filling your name, number, email etc.


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