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Good news: now PF can be cut on the standard of salary of 15 thousand not 21 thousand

The government that PF should not be deducted in the employees whose monthly salary is Rs 15,000.

New Delhi: Big update can be revealed soon regarding PF deductions. Government may increase the limit of PF deductions. In this case, churning has been going on for the past several days. On Wednesday-Thursday, the matter was decided by sitting face-to-face with the Labor Ministry, representatives of the industry and the people of the Labor Union.

However, it has not been revealed what the government has decided. But if everything goes well and demands are accepted then now the standard of deduction of PF will increase. This is also the main demand from the labor unions.

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So will the new standard be Rs 21000?

Actually, the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh had demanded from the government that the PF should not be deducted in the employees whose monthly salary is Rs 15,000, but in those whose salary is Rs 21,000, the employees To be deducted under the Employees Provident Fund – EPF. That is, the standard of Rs 15,000 should be increased to Rs 21,000. The government’s decision can soon come on this demand.

Recently, it was revealed that the Sangh had also demanded in matters of holidays. The Sangh demands that different laws should be made for any type of worker. It was argued that journalists, cinema workers, beedi workers, workers associated with building and other construction, etc. all have different work.

Apart from this, demand was made. The leave granted during the entire job should be reduced to 300, which is currently 240. Soon, a decision can come from the government in all these matters. There are indications that the government can implement many of these demands.

The government has given a big gift on the new year, just before the start of
New Year 2021, the government has given a big gift to the employees. In fact, the government hadapproved a proposal to provide full interest of 8.5 percent on theEmployees Provident Fund ( EPF )for the financial year 2019-20. According to the information, this amount was deposited in the account of employees till 31 December 2020, New Year. In this way, people got the gift of wealth in the new year.

The officials had told that a meeting of the Ministry of Labor and Finance was held to discuss the proposal related to the interest rate. In which the Finance Ministry had asked for the details, expressing some concern over the risky investment. However, about 1 week after the meeting, orders were received from the Finance Ministry to pay the collected interest to the EPFO . In this way, the Modi government gave a big gift to the employees working in the private sector.




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