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Government New Rule: Now Aadhaar-PAN and passport will be created with one certificate, check details immediately

In government offices, different types of documents are often asked for different tasks. Many times you have to worry a lot because of this. Now this problem of yours is going to be solved soon, because the government is going to give new power to the birth certificate, due to which many of your tasks will be completed with just this one document.

New Delhi. Whenever you go to a government office to take admission in a school-college or to make documents like Aadhar Card, PAN Card and Passport, then many types of other documents are asked from you there. These include your date of birth proof, address proof, income certificate etc. Due to this many times you have to face a lot of problems and it takes a lot of time to prepare the documents.

Now, to solve this problem, the Central Government is soon going to implement a new law, which gives you the freedom to use only the birth certificate as proof for almost all the important works. Let us know what this new law is and when it will come into force.

The law will be effective from October 1

For this law, Parliament passed the Births and Deaths Registration Amendment Act, 2023 in the last monsoon session, to which President Draupadi Murmu gave his assent on August 11. A new amended law is going to be effective from October 1 which will make birth as a single document for many functions and services like admission in schools and colleges, issuance of driving license, applying for making Aadhar card or passport and registration of marriage. Will facilitate the use of certificates.

What will be the benefits of implementation of the law?

This law will facilitate digital registration and electronic distribution of certificates of birth and death to create a national and state-level database of registered births and deaths. This will also help in updating the rest of the database. The government says that this will provide more accurate and reliable information about the births and deaths of citizens. Apart from this, people will also find it easier to access various government services. The government is also making the process of birth certificate easier, so that one does not have to face difficulty in obtaining it.

The process will become easier

This law provides for facilitating the registration process of adopted, orphan, abandoned, surrendered, surrogate child and child of single parent or unmarried mother. Makes it mandatory for all medical institutions to provide a certificate of cause of death to the Registrar. This will facilitate quick registration of deaths and issuance of certificates in the event of a disaster or epidemic.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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