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Guru Randhawa shared the video of two foreigners dancing on ‘Nach Naach Meri Rani’

Viral Video: A dance video on the song ‘Nach-Nach Meri Rani’ is viral. In this song, 2 foreigners dance wonderfully. You will be stunned to see them.

Watch Video: These days the song ‘Nach-Nach Meri Rani’ by Guru Randhawa and Nora Fatehi is making a lot of noise. This song is trending on different platforms from YouTube to social media. People are sharing a lot on social media by making a dance video on this song, but the threat of this song is now being heard in other countries apart from India. The video of dance performed by 2 foreign boys on this song is going viral for the last few days. People are liking the amazing dance of foreigners on Indian songs. Let’s see what is in this video.

Great step by step

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared by Guru Randhawa himself. In this video shared by him, you will see that two foreign boys are dancing and dancing fiercely on my queen. The way he does each and every step on this song very well, it does not seem that he is foreign. Social media users are also very fond of this wonderful dance of hers and are sharing this video fiercely.

A post shared by Guru Randhawa (@gururandhawa)

More than 3 lakh likes

While sharing the video, Guru Randhawa has also written a caption about the song. He has said that ‘when it reaches the international market’. If we talk about the video, so far it has got about 3 lakh likes. The number of people commenting on this is also very high. At the same time, some people are sharing it on other social media platforms as well.



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