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Haryanvi dancers did obscene work on stage, people sitting in the crowd just kept watching

Haryanvi dancers often set the stage on fire with their dance moves. But sometimes she crosses the limits of obscenity in the pursuit of showing more bo*ld acts. The same thing happened when two Haryanvi dancers reached the stage.

New Delhi: When Sapna Chaudhary landed on the stage, there was panic. But slowly now more dancers are reaching the stage to set the stage on fire. Videos of these beauties keep going viral on social media. If a Haryanvi dancer creates a ruckus on the stage, imagine what a miracle two Haryanvi dancers will show.

Amazing jerks

A Haryanvi dance video on YouTube is making a lot of noise. In which not one but two killers (Haryanvi Dancers) are seen running knives on the hearts of the fans with their stage performance. This scintillating dance video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Manoj Kumar. In which two dancers are seen creating panic in the Ragini program with their killer performances and tremendous tremors.

Show hot moves

Where a dancer has wreaked havoc with hot moves in a blue suit. So on the other hand, the other dancer is seen wearing a green suit. During this, both have also been seen doing a lot of strange things with each other. Seeing which the people present there including the audience are also seen feeling the heat.

Visible obscenity

People were also surprised to see the style of these dancers in this video. Seeing the actions of both of them in this video, the condition of the people became miserable. This video is becoming very viral on social media. However, to a large extent, the limits of obscenity by Haryanvi dancers have also been crossed in this video.



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