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Haryanvi songs: Tehelka creating new song ‘Hichki’ by Ruchika Jangid, views across one crore on video

Haryanvi songs: A song by Dimple Queen Ruchika Jangid of Haryanvi Music Industry is becoming quite viral these days. Released about a month ago, the song has reached over one crore views.

The popularity of Haryanvi Music Dundry’s dimple queen Ruchika Jhangid is so popular that her songs become very viral as soon as they arrive. Another of his songs is becoming quite viral these days. This song has been released in the month of April. The name of the song is ‘Hichki’, it has reached near one crore views.

So far this song has got 1,478,435 views on social media. In this song, you have a pair of KD and Priya Soni. Priya Soni and KD’s chemistry in the song Priya Soni is worth watching. The lyrics of the song have been written by Raju Kandela.

In the song, you will get to see Priya Soni’s desi style, Priya Soni is wearing Haryanvi veneer, in which Priya looks very beautiful. In this, you will get to see the cute love story of these two. Priya calls him remembering Sonny KD and his friend on the other hand harasses him.

Talk about the songs of Ruchika Jangid, she has given many superhit songs. His songs, which were released a year ago, are also the highlight of the wedding ceremony. One of these songs is Coca Cola. This song is one of the most hit songs in the Haryanvi music industry.



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