How a small card printing company started printing notes and stamps of 70 countries


Not every country in the world prints its own currency. It costs a lot of money to print it and acquire the technology. Many companies in the world do this work. A company named De La Rue of England prints notes of about 70 countries.

The world’s largest note printing company is ‘De La Rue’. This is a British company. Its headquarter is in Basingstoke, England. It does the work of printing notes and stamp papers of all countries. The factories of this company, registered on the London Stock Exchange, are in many places in England.

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It prints notes, stamp papers, passports, security products. Apart from the different units of its large factories, currency notes and stamp papers of countries, passports, check books, postage stamps and security printing work. All these works are done here in the midst of tremendous security. Also Read: UP Vidhan Sabha Election 2022: Free electricity will be available in UP, Kejriwal’s party ‘AAP’ made these four promises

This company started in a very modest way. It had its own small printing press, on which it used to print and sell playing cards. Also used to make hats. The company was started 200 years ago in 1821.

This is how the large headquarters of the Ledarue company in Basingstoke, England looks like. In this, different employees work with the company’s many printing units and administrative. This is the headquarters built in the middle of the green space.

This is the logo of this company. This logo is a portrait of its founder Thomas de la Rue. The company started its business in 1821 from Guernsey but then he moved his business to London. The company was first known as a hat maker. Then it began printing playing cards under a Royal Warrant license. In those days companies could not just print cards. For this, they had to get authority from the government.

When the company set up a printing press to print playing cards, it also started looking at other printing options. In 1855 he started printing stamp stamps. Although this company was still run by a family.

Postage stamps were a matter related to security printing in those days. After this the company felt that it can get into the business of currency printing. Because then very few countries had advanced printing presses. So the company first got the order to print currency from Mauritius and then from Iran in 1955. After this, the company’s car ran and other countries also started coming to it from currency printing to postage stamp printing. During this time there were radical changes in the company. This company went into partnership.

In 2003, it started printing notes of England, Iraq. By now the company’s work had increased so much that almost half of the world’s countries were printing notes with it. The reason for this was also that not only this company was printing their currency in a secure way and passing it to them and they had prepared it in a big security standard in currency designing. So the company became a well-known company in the world. It also expanded on a large scale.

However, after the arrival of the digital era, the functioning of the company has also been affected. After the introduction of advanced currency printing technology to many countries, they are doing their own work. Once the company used to print notes of more than 100 countries but even now it has the work of 70 countries. In which are mostly small African countries. Also Read: Indian Railway: How to get lower berth in reservation, know how to book tickets

This company named Delarue not only prints currency but also sells postage stamps, stamp papers, passports and all the materials related to notes. India used to supply high security paper from this company for a long time. Now India is making this paper itself.



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