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How to apply for EPF FORM 10C Scheme Certificate online ?

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has given a big deal to the PF subscribers. Actually, the EPFO ​​has provided the facility to apply for the Skim Certificate online through Form 10c. This update has been done on the Umang app, so that PF subscribers can apply online for the scheme certificate after leaving the job. Till now this facility was not available online.

What is FORM 10C (Scheme Certificate)?

When a PF member leaves the job, then after 2 months, by submitting form-19 and Form 10c, one can withdraw the entire money of PF and pension. But if he is willing to get monthly pension under EPS-95, then he can apply for FORM 10C (scheme certificate) instead of Form 10c. In this way, even while doing jobs at different places, by submitting the scheme certificate of all services, you can be eligible for monthly pension under EPS-95. Because to get monthly pension under eps-95, 10 years of service is necessary. In this way, an employee can get a scheme certificate for 10 years of service even while working in pieces at different places and apply for monthly pension through all those scheme certificates.

How To Get Eligible For EPS-95 MONTHLY PENSION

If you also want to become a pensioner under the EPS-95 Act and want to get a monthly pension after retirement, then for that you need 10 years of service. You can complete 10 years of service under EPFO ​​in 3 ways-

10 consecutive years of job: If you join a job in a company and have a job in that company for more than 10 years, then you are entitled to get monthly pension under EPS-95.
By transferring PF: If you cannot work for 10 consecutive years in any one company, then you can complete 10 years of service by transferring your PF accounts while working at different place and under EPS-95 You can get monthly pension. (But it is necessary to have 10 years of service including all your services)

By taking the scheme certificate: If you have not done a 10-year job continuously and do not want to transfer PF while working at different place, then when you leave the job from one place, then the full money of PF through form-19 Withdraw, but do not withdraw pension money through form-10c and apply for “Scheme Certificate”. In this way, you can apply for monthly pension by submitting all your Scheme Certificate even while working in different companies. (In this too, total of your service should be 10 years of service)

How to apply for EPF FORM 10C (Scheme Certificate) online?

  • First of all install the Umang app and open it.
  • Open EPFO ​​Services in it.
  • Click on Raise Claim option
  • Enter your bank account number and click on Next button.
  • In the next page select your PF account and click on the next button.
  • Enter your address in the next page and click on the next button.
  • Select FORM 10C (scheme certificate) in Claim type.
  • Upload your bank account passbook or check book photo.
  • Click on the check box below and click on Get aadhaar OTP button.
  • After submitting the OTP, your FORM 10C (scheme certificate) will be submitted.
  • After this, after cross-checking by EPFO ​​office, you will get the scheme certificate.


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