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How to Cancel PF Claim Online?

There are a lot of EPF members asking about the cancellation of the PF withdrawal request submitted online on the UAN member portal. EPF members change their minds and want to cancel that claim for a short time after claiming online, such as PF Withdrawal, or Transfer or Advance Claim. But unfortunately, at present, there is no system for the cancelation of your online PF claims. But you can try by raising a complaint on the PF portal. Now we will see how to cancel PF claim online?

The way to cancel online PF withdrawal or transfer or advance claim request

Step 1: – Go to EPF Complaint Portal and click on register complaint. Now then enter your UAN number and type the security code. Now click on the get details option and click on get OTP again. Now an OTP will be sent to your EPF registered mobile number. Now enter that OTP.

Step 2: – Now select your gender, country, state, and enter the security code again. Click on your PF member ID after selecting all the details.

Step 3: – Now a popup window will open, enter your PF account number there and select the complaint related to the PF office and complaint category as the last PF withdrawal and type the message below in the description box and finally click on Add.

“Dear EPFO ​​Team, I applied for online PF withdrawal on the UAN member portal on 01 July 2019, but due to some problems I want to cancel the claim, but I could not find any option to do so. Therefore, I am requesting you to cancel my online claim request. ”

Step 4: – Now your complaint will appear under the complaint details, if you want to edit or delete here, if everything is fine, then click submit.

This is the only possible method for requesting your EPFO office to cancel your claim request. Hope you found this article on how to cancel PF claim online. If you did, then share the information with your friends and family.



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