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How to check One Nation One Ration Card online 2021

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the one nation one ration card. In Prime Minister Modi’s address, the system of One Nation One Ration Card Registration was informed that it would benefit the poor who left their village and moved to other cities in search of employment. He has said that through this scheme, people from any city or any village can now get ration by showing their ration cards in any other state in India. Ration can be taken by showing ration cards from any fair price shop through one nation one ration card.

What is the purpose of this scheme

Through the One Nation One Ration Card scheme, every poor and needy family across the state who have ration cards can get ration at any place in the country. Through this scheme, the expression cannot compel the goods from its assured ration shop to take ration from ration shops anywhere across the country. The objective of the scheme is to provide that the migrant labourers who work in other States in search of employment can take their share of foodgrains from the ration shop of that state and no person in the country has to starve. Through this scheme, the Ministry of Food has set a target of fully implementing the scheme in all the States of the country by 2021.

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The National Food Security Act, while briefing about the One Nation One Ration Card scheme, said that the scheme will now enable foodgrains to be taken up by showing ration cards at any place in the country. Even if that ration card is made in any state. The National Food Security Act has also stated that the scheme has been targeted to be fully implemented across the country by March 2021, at present or the scheme has been implemented in about 20 states and in union territories. The policy of providing ration cards to every poor, where it is, is being adopted through the scheme.

No new cards needed

There is no need to have a new ration card under One Nation One Ration Card. The scheme will identify the beneficiary from the fingerprint identification machine at the ration card shops through biometric identification of the beneficiary and thereafter the ration will be provided to him. Let me tell you that in this scheme, the person is given foodgrains at the ration shop in the same area where the ration card is made at present. After the implementation of the Forest Nation One ration card scheme, the person can buy cheaper ration by showing his ration card in any part of the country.

Let us say that the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation, mentioned the One Nation One Ration Card and said that it would be of great benefit to all the poor people who go to another state in search of employment. In such a situation, they are not able to get ration. Since the implementation of the One Nation One Ration Card scheme, every migrant poor labourers and poor people will benefit immensely from the scheme.

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