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How to Invest in Mutual Funds without a Demat Account ,Here,s How

Invest In Mutual Funds: If you do not have a demat account and you also want to invest in mutual funds, then you can invest in mutual funds through many methods.

Earning money is easy but saving it is a difficult task. As soon as the salary credit is done at the end of the month, a long list of expenses is already prepared. Therefore, 20 or 30 percent should be invested as soon as the salary comes, this is the basic rule. Where to invest, this remains a big question in people’s mind. However, if you want to invest safely, then Mutual Funds are the best offer for you. There are many ways to invest in mutual funds. There is a question in the mind of many people whether it is necessary to have a Demat account to invest in mutual funds. The answer is- no. You can invest in mutual funds even without a demat account. According to Kotak Securities, there are many ways to invest in mutual funds without a demat account…

1. Asset Management Company Website

If you do not have demat, you can invest in mutual funds by visiting the website or office of the asset management company. Every company gives an option to invest in their mutual fund products. However, once you have to go to the company’s office and fill a form and provide PAN card copy, check amount and KYC documents in the documents. After this you will get a PIN and folio number. One disadvantage of investing in mutual funds through the company’s website is that you have to repeat this process for each mutual fund and different PINs and folio numbers each time can lead to confusion.

2. Independent Portal

At present, there are many independent portals where you can register online and invest in mutual funds. If your KYC has not been done before, then these portals also provide this facility. You can also track your investments through the online platform. Yes, if these portals do not have tie-up with your bank, then you may face some problem in making payment.

3. Register Mutual Fund Advisor

Thousands of mutual fund agents are registered under the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). By visiting the website of AMFI, you can see their list and these agents can also come to your house. These agents will advise you on market trends and best mutual funds. These agents can also do the forms for you.

4. Banks

Banks also invest in mutual funds. Banks are considered mutual fund agents. Here you have to keep in mind that do not trust the banks blindly, because many banks give wrong mutual funds advice even in the midst of making their commission. If you have decided for a particular mutual fund, then you will not face any problem in investing through the bank.

Parvesh Maurya
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