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How to make Health ID card online, understand the whole process in these 5 easy steps

Health ID Card: You can easily get a digital health card made. This work is done online. This card can be made with Aadhaar and mobile number. Health card can be made even if Aadhaar is not linked with mobile number.

The work of making health ID card has started in the country. The Prime Minister had told about it in detail recently. Its website has also gone live. It is easy to make it, that too online sitting at home. You can easily get your health ID made by visiting the website of National Digital Health Mission. These cards are being issued to the people under One Nation One Health ID Card Mission. For this you have to go to This link can be opened on both mobile phone and computer.

On clicking on the above mentioned link, a new page opens in which Creating India’s Digital Health Ecosystem is written. In this, Create your Health ID now (Create your Health ID now) appears written below. You have to click on it. A new page will open in which Generate Health ID will be written. By clicking on it, you will see an alert page in which it is told in which states the work of creating Health ID has been started at present. In this, the option of Continue will appear, on which to click.

After clicking on Continue, the option of Generate via Aadhaar will appear, which will have to be selected. You will be able to use this option only if you have Aadhaar. For this it is very important to link the mobile number with your Aadhar card. If mobile is not linked with Aadhar, then you can get health card made without Aadhar. For this you have to click on Click Here. If Aadhaar is not there then click on ‘Click Here’. After that Generate Via Mobile will be written on which to be clicked.

After that a box will appear in which to type your mobile number. After that some instructions are given by the National Health Authority, which has to be read and checked in the I agree box below. After that click on submit option. After doing this, an OTP will come on your mobile phone, which will have to be entered in the OTP box. After that click on submit option. After this the form for Health ID card will open. In this, you have to give information like name, date of birth, state etc. Just like there is an email ID, so is the address of the health ID. You can share this ID in any hospital. For this you also have to create a password.

After giving all this information, a message of congratulations comes on the page. It says that your Health ID has been created successfully. If you go down this page, then you will see the QR code below which will be your digital health card. In this all your information will be recorded. If you do not want to make a card, then this QR code can also work as a health ID. Along with this, Health ID is also given like email ID.

If you want to print this health ID, then the option of Download Health ID card appears at the bottom of the same page. By clicking on it, you can download and print the Health ID. It can be used during treatment in any hospital. You may not have your photo on the ID, for this you have to upload the photo by clicking on Edit Profile. After this, the option of Submit will appear below, which has to be clicked. Now you can download it and take PDF file and print it. In this way you get a health ID card.



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