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How To Transfer Vehicle Registration?

There are some people in the world who take new vehicles and there are some people who take old vehicles. If you are taking a new vehicle, then there is no problem in its registration, but when you are taking or selling an old vehicle, then you have a lot of problem in transferring its registration. You can avoid these problems and transfer the vehicle registration online.

Why is it necessary to transfer Vehicle Registration?

People find it very difficult to transfer vehicle registration and think that why not let the vehicle remain in their name. You are wrong to think so. Suppose you sold the car to another person and did not transfer the Vehicle Registration and if someone had an accident with your vehicle, then all the responsibility of that person and the accident will fall on you. While that accident was done by someone else. Therefore, to avoid these troubles, it is necessary to transfer the registration of the vehicle before selling it.

How to transfer vehicle registration? How to transfer vehicle registration?

There are two ways for this, first is offline, in which you go to RTO and go there and do all the process. Give all the documents, pay the fees and then check your status again on the date mentioned. The second way which is a little smart way, it will save both your money and time.

How to transfer vehicle registration online? How to transfer vehicle registration online?

  • The second way is the online way to transfer vehicle registration. In this you will have to go to RTO but half the work will be done sitting at your home. You will not need to visit RTO again and again.
  • To transfer vehicle registration, you have to first go to the website of Ministry of Transport Higway ( https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ ).
  • After visiting this website, you have to create your account. In this, you have to create your account by entering your name, mobile number, email id etc.
  • After creating the account, you have to click on Online Service and inside it you have to click on Vehicle Related service.
  • Now an application form will open in front of you in which you will have to create OTP by entering your vehicle’s registration number, Chechis number. This OTP will come on your mobile number only.
  • After entering the OTP, a new page will appear in front of you. Here you will see a lot of options in which you have to click on Transfer of Ownership. After that you have to click on submit button.
  • After submitting, another form will come in front of you, in which you will have to give your vehicle and registration information carefully.
  • After that you have to submit the form again. Then you have to take appointment date from RTO office as per your convenience.
  • After this, the date you will get, you have to go to the RTO office with related documents on it, you will also have to pay the fee for all this work.

Some forms are given to you from RTO like form 29, 30, 35, 36. In these, form 29, 30 are of cell letter and form number 30 is for Hypothecation Terminated. On the printout of all these forms, you and the vehicle taker have to sign and submit it again to the RTO. After which RC is issued by the RTO in the name of the person to whom you have sold the vehicle.




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