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How To withdrawn Money without debit card ?

Usually, you can withdraw money from ATM only when you have a debit card of a bank nearby. 

But State Bank of India (SBI) has provided a service for its customers, in which a debit card is not required to withdraw money from ATMs. Don’t be surprised, because everything is possible in the current technology. Let us tell you that for this your smart phone should have YONO app or YONO LITE app. Know how to withdraw money…

If you are using YONO LITE app

, through this app you can withdraw money from ATM without just scanning the QR code of OTP. For this, you have to do this-

SBI again issued alert, it is necessary to take precautions to avoid digital fraud

Scan the QR code at any ATM of SBI,

select how much money you want to withdraw,

after that you will see the QR code,

after this, open the app

, click on the QR Cash and scanner the ATM QR code. Take a scan and

then click Continue and the money is in your hand

If you use YONO app

to login to your bank account app

will write you yono cash on the dashboard of mobile, click on it

click on the ATM section is displayed the amount of your account please fill here withdrawal amount and next

it After this, a 6-digit yono transaction number will come on your registered mobile number, it remains active for 4 hours,

you go to the SBI ATM and select yono cash, after

that fill the transaction number and yono cash PIN , the money will be released as soon as the process is complete.

ATM related precautions

First of all, you must see whether the welcome message is displayed on the screen of the ATM machine. If not, stay for a while. Do not share the password or PIN with anyone, everyone knows this. But if there is someone around you at the time of transaction at the ATM, be cautious. Tell him to go away.

Precautions related to

ATM If someone is interested in talking to you at the ATM, be cautious. He can cheat you by confusing you. Never write your PIN on the ATM card. Remember not to tell the PIN to anyone.

Caution related to QR Code

Fraud cases are increasing through QR i.e. Quick Response Code. Forgers send QR codes to mobiles. If you clicked on the link to this QR code, money will be deducted from your account.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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